We have a $0.35 fee on $1 products only!
Yes all our accounts are cracked, unless otherwise said so.
Yes we provide product guarantee on all account products. For every $1 we add 1 month of guarantee. Exception will apply if the account only last a month. All payments are final, we do not give refunds unless we think it's for the best. Replacement, will always be our prefered option.
We check our accounts on regular basis.
All products are sent instantly.
Do you still have issues, then create an account and ask us to assign the order, to your account.
Yes you can use coupon codes. And you will get discount on bulk purchases automatically.
When you acccount doesn't work. You can use our ticket system to get a replacement. Remember to attach orderID.
You can use our ticket system. Or you can email to phimila@hotmail.com
Yes to do so please use ticket system or contact us via email.
Our points is like a cashback system. You will earn points, every time you spend. For every $1, you earn $.1 (10% of your order)